Baby Shower

Your Nana ever so kindly offered to throw me a Baby Shower. I was slightly reluctant to start with as I have never been keen on being centre of attention or having my own party, but I thought it would be nice to get together with all my friends and family one last time before becoming your mummy. Of course your Nana didn’t disappoint! She doesn’t do things by halves! She did such an amazing job and thought of absolutely everything including games with beautiful flowers as prizes, little succulent plants as favours for the guests, amazing food (Thanks M&S! Ha!) all the Little Man signs everywhere and the photo props!
Was so happy that people turned up! and with gifts!! Amazing gifts!! which was so sweet of them all, they were so generous!
I had such a wonderful day and really enjoy chatting about everyones horror birth stories which really psyched me up for labour! haha
I know its late but that you everyone that came and for your beautiful gifts that Harrison is making great use of already!
And Thank you mum for everything!!