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No Particular Order | Top 5 Skincare Products


 Our top 5 this month is all about skincare. Since I have a 6 month old that requires a lot of my attention I don’t get as much time for beauty stuff anymore so these top 5 products are my quick fixers and they are amazing!
Sudocrem – 
I have quite a few pots of these in different areas in my house, as I’m lazy and it has so many uses. Before Harrison came along I had always used it for spots as it drys it out before its even had chance to grow. Its also good for healing cuts and burns too. Lastly I use it on H’s bum to prevent nappy rash and it has worked wonders for him.
I use this every night as I’m constantly battling with dry lips, especially in the winter and this stuff seems to help but still hasn’t solved the problem completely but I don’t think anything else will do a better job – unless anyone has any suggestions? 🙂
As I cheat and use Harrison’s baby wipes to remove my make up, I find that quickly running over my face with a bit of this on a cotton pad takes away the remaining make up and also added bit of moisture to my skin.
This stuff has cleared me of spots for about 2 and a half years, purchased after Lily Melrose raved about it on her blog. Its the most expensive skin care product that I use (£15.50) but it does last me a good 4-5 months! I once ran out and was waiting to be paid so went a week without it and I definitely noticed the difference from not using it!
I use this all over mine and my boys body and I really haven’t a bad word to say about it, It drys so quick and keeps us moisturised!




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