Outfit #001.


So the last time I did an outfit post it was just before I went to Paris, Feb 2015 and life was very different…

I was living with my best friend, studying fashion at uni, just started dating Harrison’s dad and I had a body that I would now kill for (really didn’t appreciate it enough at the time). It’s now 2017 and I’m a full time mum living with my boy, his dad and his dad’s 9 year old son, finished studying and have put on about 3st also everything is hanging a little lower than in 2015 too! 
This weekend Stef (H’s Dad) and I have been invited to two parties (haven’t been to a parties in months and then two come along in one weekend). Friday night is a wedding and Saturday night a 40th and seeing as I have hardly any clothes in my current size (12) my lovely other half gave me some pocket money to buy a new outfit and get ma hur did! But I really found it hard to find anything I liked.
/ Dress – New Look / Heels – New Look / Bag – Zara / Necklace – Primark / Sunglasses – Primark /
/ Harrison’s whole outfit is from Next /
I have never been a size 12, BH (before Harrison) I was an 8-10 and even at that I always thought I could do with losing some pounds (madness now thinking back). I am really struggling with my current size as I have no idea how to dress it. I used to wear tight-ish, quite smart, very unpractical mum clothes but now the baggier and more practical the better. While pregnant I fell out of love with fashion as I couldn’t wear much more than maternity jeans with a t-shirt and bodycon dresses (which you wouldn’t see me dead in now!). So now with this new body and new lifestyle I just have no clue what to wear!
I know I will never see my old body again but after shooting this outfit and comparing my old outfit posts over on www.ourcheapfrills.co.uk it has inspired me to at least give it a shot at trying to get back into a size 10… Watch this space…





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