Dear Harrison… Your first easter and first farm trip.

Well your first Easter has quickly come and gone and it was lovely…

I used to love easter when I was growing up, my brother, sister, cousins and I all used to roll up to my nana’s and pa’s house (they have a huge garden) and the adults used to hide bags full of easter treats and we would race to find the best ones, my favourite has always be the good old creme egg!! It was only a few years ago that we actually stopped the annual egg hunt haha. I want to carry on the tradition with you but seeing as you are so little still I thought would be would start that next year.

As you are too young for the hunt we thought a morning trip to Stonehurst farm to feed and pet the animals would be nice, the little lambs were the cutest! I think the animals confused you slightly, I would have loved to have known what you were thinking! You had a little play on the big kids playground and you loved the swing!
Maybe this could be another tradition of ours.

 Definitely going to take you back in the summer, when your walking properly to play and feed the animals again.





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