Inside our changing bag.

I have never been a fan of changing bags, there all really ugly unless you can afford to spend £200-£300 on one.

I do have one that matches my push chair and I refused to use it for the first few weeks of Harrison’s  life and I was using a Zara city bag that had 3 different sections for different bits, I soon realised that this boy needs a lot of stuff and I had to face the fact that I needed to use a proper changing bag. I used it for around 6 months and now that he doesn’t need as much stuff I have been using normal bags, mainly backpacks. I found myself in primark (my favourite shop at the minute) and I came across two backpacks, one thats slightly classy (well classy as a backpack can get haha) which I brought first and used for a couple of weeks and then I went back for this one…
I absolutely love it!! I have never been a backpack kind of girl but since being a mum I have been looking at them thinking they would make a great changing bag and I was right! It leaves both hands free to hold H’s hands as he drags me along for his walks and it fits everything we need in. Oh and it was only £10!
Tommee Tippee First Cup, Munchkin Soft Tip Spoon, Happy Land Pig, Factor 50 Suncream, Primark make-up bag (I use it for his food, bib spoon etc) Primark tissues, Pampers Wipes, HappyLand Cow, Aldi Tomato Wheels, Aldi Nappies, Cow & Gate Cauliflower Cheese, Primark Sunglasses, Next Dinosaur bib, Head sanitiser, Primark wallet, Sudocrem,  Primark Vest.