#BloggerFestival | London

So yesterday myself and my good old friend Hannah took a trip down to London for the Scarlett London Blogger Festival event. Having not been to an event since The Company Blogger Awards, where Our Cheap Frills (my previous blog with Chelsey), was nominated for best blogging duo. I was feeling a little nervous and not sure what to expect.

The event was at the 5 star Conrad Hotel in St James, London, 2pm until 5, it was extremely fancy and the staff were lovely (felt slightly out of place haha) As we walked through the big glass doors we were greeted by many staff members , one of which kindly escorted us to the event. We made our way down the Chanel inspired staircase to find a room full of well dressed ladies all posing in front of the most amazing pink balloon wall.

After we took the obligatory balloon wall picture we moved on to the main event. There were so many amazing brands there, some id heard of, some I hadn’t. We worked our way around them all, talking to the brand reps about what they did, it was really interesting get to know their brands and back stories.

We spent a couple of hours at the event , we’d have liked to have networked more but as there wasn’t really any kind of social area. We felt we couldn’t just walk up to people and start talking as everyone seemed to be busy with brands. We found ourselves with a few hours to kill until the train home, and as we were both were dressed for the occasion, we thought we would try get a few outfit pictures in a cool London location. We hopped back on the tube and headed to Knightsbridge. By this time our feet were letting us down (My watch told me I had done 14,000 steps in HEELS that day) so the first London house we saw was a winner haha.

All in all it was a great day! Think I’m going to find a few more events to go to, maybe some out of London ones too. Thanks for having us Scarlett!!





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